Creating a Virtual Community

We live in a totally different world than we did before 2020.

The reality that we sometimes need to adapt to new ways of living our normal lives has sunk in. The year has brought changes to how we work, shop, travel, and worship. We have learned that while we may not be able to physically be together, we can always connect with our community online.

Having a strong online community can help you during times like 2020, or when everyone is able to see each other in person. Here are a few ways you can keep close to your community other than just streaming your weekly worship services:

1. Newsletters

Through email, you can share not only upcoming events but also messages and ideas for how your church members can practice self-care during these stressful times.

If you have a newsletter already, that’s awesome, but how can you improve it and make it a must-read for your church while we are all social distancing?

2. Casual Get-Togethers

A church is more than just Sunday worship. It’s the community and the connection with other believers that make it such an essential support system, in good times, or bad.

Create this community through less formal virtual get-togethers. Have a dinner party, small group meetings, watch movies, or just say “hi”. These little interactions will help everyone feel united, despite being separated.

3. One-on-One

A lot of us have worked really hard at making virtual services inspiring and easy to access, which is incredible, but let’s not forget about the power of reaching out in personal ways.

Encourage everyone to connect with members of your community on an individual level. Whether it’s just a quick text or an in-depth phone call, we should all be taking the time to help others through this difficult season with comfort, compassion, and prayer.

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