The Essential Checklist For Mobile-Friendly Design

The world has been filled with smartphone phones for years, however, somehow, there are tons of graphics that we come across were not designed with mobile in mind. Whether it’s a website, email, or social graphic, it’s easy to design for desktop only since that’s where we do our design work. But did you know that about half of all emails are opened on mobile devices? Where we consume designs is really where our focus should be.

As a communicator, I know you’ve heard this message over and over again. Design for mobile! Mobile first! It’s easy to fall back into old habits, though, so reminders of how to improve our designs is always helpful. Here is our essential reminder checklist for designs on mobile.

1. Easy to Read Fonts

Make sure everything you create uses a legible font that can be easily read on a mobile screen. This includes making sure you pick colors that contrast well to the background and choosing a font size that isn’t too big or small.

2. Social Media Posts

While we may create images on our desktops, the majority of our audience scrolls social media on their phones. This is important to keep in mind before posting anything. Bright and colorful images and videos are the most engaging on mobile.

3. Always Double-Check

It’s easy when you create a newsletter or put together slides for your online worship services to only check to see how they look on your computer but you are really doing your audience a disservice. Always, double-check how they look on your phone. Make sure they are legible and easy to follow.

4. Think with Your Thumb

When thinking of your website, remember if your audience is on mobile they will have to be able to click everything with their thumb. So tiny buttons will not work! It’s best to keep your design simple, keeping in mind that icons and images can convey your point much quicker than words.

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