Too Much of a Good Thing

We all love a scripture font or ALL CAPS, but when is there too much of a good thing?

When have you overdone it?

It’s difficult to be objective about your own work, so here are a few tips we have learned the hard way that we hope helps with any of your future projects!

Less Is More

Imagine you found this awesome font that is really bold and will grab everyone’s attention this weekend. Don’t make the mistake of using this really loud font for all of your text. Let this font do the hard work for you and use it to emphasize your point. Mix this with a similar font on the words or points that aren’t as important to really make your message pop.

In the same vein, we recommend not mixing more than two fonts if you can. It can really pull focus from what you are trying to highlight and seem a little too busy.

Negative Space Is Your Friend

When you’re in the middle of creating a new graphic or slide, it’s easy to get carried away and add lots of text and fill all of the available space. It seems like the best way to communicate your whole message but it isn’t. Deliberately leaving empty (negative) space is a great way to keep everything you design readable and it can add emphasis to what little there actually is. Draw their eye to what matters!

The Rule of Three

We thought it would be fitting for the rule of three to be the third rule. 😋

This is a well-known tool in writing but is also true in photography and design. People are more drawn to stories with three events or characters (3 Blind Mice, 3 Little Pigs, etc). It’s something great to keep in mind when you are creating bullet points on a slide or sharing examples in a story. The rule of three is also a great recommendation for colors. If your work is feeling too busy, try using fewer colors to make the concept more cohesive.

When in doubt if too much is really TOO MUCH, ask a friend or coworker for their opinion. Feedback can be hard sometimes, but it’s a perfect opportunity for your design style to grow.

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