When Are You Going to Work on That One Project You Have Put Off FOREVER?

Raise your hand if you are really, really busy. 🖐

Even in normal times, we all get caught up in the day-to-day, must get done right this minute tasks, and we struggle to plan ahead. (Trust us, it happens to everyone.)

We all say we are going to work/plan/get ahead, but when it comes to that time, we put it off, over and over again. There is always some fire to put out that pulls our focus.

Whether you are talking about working ahead on daily social media posts or a marketing project that feels too big to ever accomplish, we have a few tips on how to achieve your goals like a rockstar that we’ve learned from our own trial and error.

1. Take Baby Steps

When you are looking at the big project, it can seem like you have a mountain to climb. It’s so easy to quickly become overwhelmed by not knowing where to begin, which turns into not beginning at all. We’ve found it helps to break it down into small, achievable chunks. Chip away at it slowly. Seriously, once you get the ball rolling, it will feel great as you check off each of the steps in the big project.

2. Know Where to Start

You should always start by making a plan. Outline milestones you can accomplish in the best order of your baby steps. You can even make a checklist. The satisfaction you’ll receive as you check off each item on the list will energize you as you continue through the plan. If necessary, you can compile any information you need ahead of time, or get an organized workspace (physical or digital) to help you stay organized and efficient.

3. Set Aside a Little Time

You’re busy, we totally understand. Don’t try to clear large chunks of time in your schedule, but make a calendar reminder for 10-15 minutes every day to work on the project bit by bit. It will feel inconsequential when you do it,however it will be much easier to work into your day. And by having smaller, achievable goals each day, you will be less likely to keep putting it off.

4. Get Some Accountability

Whether it’s a friend or co-worker, ask someone you know to help you stay on track with a weekly check-in. We are more likely to stick to schedules and reach our goals if we know someone is going to ask us about them.

We hope this helps you get a little closer to accomplishing your goals and creating amazing projects for your church and community!

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